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Frequently Asked Questions


Flight ticket information

1. What is the difference between an electronic ticket, a boarding card and a boarding pass?

An electronic ticket, a boarding card or a boarding pass is the same physically non-existent ticket whose reservation is secured in the airline reservation system. When purchasing tickets for the flight of low-cost airlines, you will be issued an e-ticket upon registration to the flight; you will have to submit printed out e-ticket when boarding. If you buy a flight ticket from regular airlines, you will be issued a flight registration document only during registration for the flight at the airport (you must have an identity document for such registration).

2. Do I need to print a boarding pass?

Yes, we recommend to print out a boarding pass yourselves as its issue at the airport is subject to an additional charge.

3. Can a boarding pass be printed in black and white?

Yes, a boarding pass can be printed in black and white, it is just necessary to ensure the barcode is clearly visible.

4. Is it possible to collect a flight ticket at the agency?

Yes, you can collect your tickets at the “Baltic Tours” travel agency in Vilnius, Vašingtono Ave. 1, during working hours: I-V 9:00-18:00.

5. What should I do if my flight is tomorrow, but I have not received the ticket yet?

If your ticket was not delivered at the agreed time, i.e. 6-2 days before your flight, please contact us immediately.

6. Why did the fare become more expensive?

The fare is directly related to the number of seats in an airplane: the less number of places is, the more expensive tickets are. In addition, the less time remains to the flight, the more expensive tickets become. The seats of each aircraft are divided into different price classes, thus performing reservation and payment as early as possible, it is more likely to buy a cheaper flight ticket.

7. Do I need to pay additional charges when purchasing a flight ticket?

Yes, you must pay the airline service fee, which will be indicated after the beginning of reservation.

8. What should I do if I want to return the flight ticket?

Each airline company sets up its own rules on return of flight tickets since each case is unique. Mostly low-cost airline tickets, unlike regular airlines tickets, cannot be returned. You will be informed about these rules during registration - before agreeing, please read the ticket purchase terms and conditions for your chosen flight.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.