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Frequently Asked Questions


Responsibilities of passengers and airlines

1. What are the obligations of a passenger?

Passengers are required:

  • To get acquainted with the basic terms and conditions of carriage;
  • To arrive to the airport on time and check in for the flight;
  • Upon arrival for check in for the flight, to have the necessary travel documents and keep them until the end of the trip;
  • To follow the conduct rules and instructions in the airplane established by the air carrier;
  • To submit claims to the airline on time and in writing in case the baggage has been damaged, lost or destroyed, or the passenger has suffered damage as a result of aircraft delays.

Passengers are forbidden to have or carry in the hand luggage items, which can be used as a weapon for attacks or deterrence. More information is in the list of prohibited items.

Airlines warn that the checked baggage must not contain: money, jewellery, securities, commercial and personal documents, mobile phones, computers or other electronic devices, cameras or video cameras, keys. Valuable items are considered those items which the passenger evaluates as very precious and valuable. The receipts of new items bought during a trip must be preserved and carried in the hand luggage.

2. What information on the main carriage conditions does the passenger need to know?

All airlines operating in the Republic of Lithuania and ticket vendors must provide to the passenger (in writing and in Lithuanian) the following information on the main conditions of carriage:

  • Start and end time of checking in for the flight;
  • Time of departure and arrival to the final destination;
  • Actual air carrier or carriers, irrespective of the air carrier the passenger has concluded a passenger’s carriage contract with; basic fare conditions (whether the ticket is refundable or no; changeable or no; the necessary conditions for the return and exchange);
  • Restrictions on baggage contents and volume;
  • Airline's liability limits;
  • Necessary passenger's flight documents;
  • List of items prohibited to be carried in the baggage.

3. What should I do if the airline does not fulfil its obligations?

If the passenger has purchased a ticket from a particular air carrier, and it does not fulfil its obligations, the passenger can submit a claim to the airline. The airline must answer to the claim not later than within 2 months.

If a passenger wishes to submit the claim for the services of EU airlines, he/she shall contact the European Consumer Centre at J. Basanavičiaus Str. 20-11, LT-03224 Vilnius. Phone: +37052650368.