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Frequently Asked Questions


Baggage weight and size

1. What size and weight checked luggage can I take on board?

Rules on the size and weight of both checked baggage and hand luggage depend on the airlines. You can see the checked baggage and hand luggage belonging to you in the purchased ticket. Usually, a passenger is allowed to carry a single piece of hand luggage, which must be placed under the seat in front of the passenger or on the top shelf. However, always check the rules of the airlines whose services you are using.

If you could not find the rules of the airline company you were looking for and you have questions about hand or checked baggage, please contact us.

2. Is it possible to sum up the permitted weight of hand luggage of two passengers and take only one suitcase?

No, it is not. One passenger is allowed to have one hand luggage of certain size and weight (unless indicated otherwise by the airline).

3. How many pieces of checked baggage can I have?

If you are travelling with a scheduled airline in economy class - you can have one piece of checked baggage free of charge; you will have to pay a charge set by the airline for extra pieces of baggage (please contact us for the information on checked baggage when flying in higher than economy class).

Low-cost airlines do not offer a free service of carriage of checked baggage for economy class passengers (Wizzair, Ryanair, EasyJet, Vueling, Monarch Airlines, Norwegian Airlines, Flybe). However, you can order this service for an extra charge (in order to book extra baggage, please contact us).

4. Are duty free purchases considered to be extra baggage? Is there a limit on the number of items I can buy?

Some airlines allow to carry duty free purchases in addition to the existing hand luggage, however, very often you may be asked to put you purchases and other items into a single piece of luggage.

5. What baggage is allowed when travelling with a baby?

An adult traveling with a baby (without an individual seat), beside the allowed hand luggage, can have a baby’s bag and select one of two items: a child seat suitable for the flight or a folding stroller (which can be used up to the boarding on the plane - then it will be taken by the staff and returned immediately after you leave the plane).

6. What baggage is pertained to a travelling child?

A child (older than 2 years of age) who has a separate seat and a ticket acquires all hand and checked baggage rights as an adult.