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Frequently Asked Questions


Special baggage

1. What is special baggage?

Special baggage are the items / objects carried by plane that require certain precautions, are fragile, easily damaged, exceed the permissible maximum weight or size (maximum dimensions). Examples of special baggage: musical instruments, a child stroller or a wheelchair, sports equipment (a bicycle, diving equipment, golf equipment, ski and snowboard equipment, fishing equipment, surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing equipment, hockey equipment, etc.).

2. What is the cost of carriage of special baggage?

Extra costs are applied for carriage of special baggage. Each airline has its own special baggage price list with indicated size and weight requirements.

Prices for one special piece of luggage to one side start from 50 €, depending on the type of the equipment, its weight and size, the flight direction and the airlines. In order to find out the exact special luggage prices, please contact us.

Note: some pieces of special baggage, such a cello, which does not exceed the dimensions of 135x40x35 cm, is allowed to carry in the aircraft cabin upon purchase of a separate ticket.

3. Do I need to pay for a stroller (is it allowed to have a stroller when travelling with a child)?

A child stroller (for children up to 2 years) always can be carried free of charge. When travelling with certain airlines, you may have to pay for the stroller as for checked baggage if a child is older. For accurate information in your specific case, please contact us.

4. Can I take a child’s car seat?

Yes, but only a seat specially adapted for flights. Most airlines allow to take seats suitable for flight free of charge (such as the most popular airlines Ryanair, Wizzair, SAS, AirBaltic, Lufthansa, LOT, etc.).

5. Is a wheelchair considered as checked baggage?


6. What kind of auxiliary equipment can people with disabilities have?

Disabled passengers can take on board no more than 2 personal auxiliary items / devices (such as a pair of crutches and a wheelchair).

Note. Please always inform us upon the purchase of a ticket if you are going to have items or appliances designed for people with disabilities!

7. Can I carry sports equipment as checked baggage and not as special baggage?

Yes, in some cases. However, sports equipment must comply with the weight and size requirements of checked baggage established by the airlines; all equipment must be packed into a single piece of luggage (see Baggage weight and size). For more specific information, please contact us.

8. How can I order special baggage?

You will not be able to do it yourselves. Purchase flight tickets and then contact us.